Other Grant Assist Programs at the UofA

University-Wide Support for Health Sciences Applications

The University of Alberta Grant Assist Program (Health Sciences) supports health science applicants through the delivery of a number of supports including feedback processes, bridge funding, workshops, resources and editing.  Support is designed to enhance the preparedness and quality of applications being submitted to funding agencies.

For more information on the services and resources provided by the Health Sciences branch of the Grant Assist Program please visit their website http://www.cihr.ualberta.ca/ or read their latest e-bulletin.


University-Wide Support for Social Science and Humanities Applications

In March 2013 the Grant Assist Program was extended to pilot supports for social sciences and humanities researchers. The Social Sciences and Humanities Grant Assist Program offers key supports through peer review of proposals, professional editing, and casual support by doctoral research assistants. Opportunities for learning and mentorship through workshops, website and other resources are also offered.

Please visit the Social Sciences and Humanities Grant Assist Program website at http://www.sshrc.ualberta.ca/ for more information.